Coffee Art "El Diablito" is a space that combines the pleasure of a good coffee, art, music and literature ... Located in the heart of the village artisans of the city of San Pedro de Atacama find this place inspired by colors and images of a dance depicting the confrontation between the forces of good and evil, bringing together elements of religion introduced during the Hispanic presence, as well as traditional Andean ritual (Diablada).
Also for your convenience and have a comfortable terrace for smokers and those wanting to share and enjoy outdoor cafe with breathtaking views of the Andean chain, away from the noise and shuttle passers accompanied by art exhibitions, books , Wifi, news magazines, and our commitment to quality and good service. Coffee Art "El Diablito" is a meeting place that offers its customers a delightful new way to experience the exciting world of coffee.
DIABLADA is a religious, Catholic and concerning about image, where the dancers are dehumanized to interpret Christian theological characters dance. It is one of the most representative dances great from northern Chile, and is particularly identified with the Feast of Tirana. It dates back to medieval Europe, considered reminiscent of an old Spanish religious morality play.

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Come and enjoy a varied menu of coffee, where you'll be able to please your palate with beans from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Italy.
This coffee processed by a professional machine Brasilia Portofino ensuring you have the best coffee tincture in a varied presentations.

We invite you to enjoy a unique amount of sandwinch made with a nice selection of ingredients that will make your visit an interesting gourmet walk.
Natural Juices
Natural Juices

Variety of fresh fruits from the field to your table for those hot summer days, healthy delicious fruit mixes to quench thirst and provide the additional vitamins and minerals needed to be in the driest desert in the world.

Variety of cakes, pastries, desserts with nuts and various sauces that meet the needs of the customers for something sweet and delicious.
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